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The game will be on the Appstore on March 1st, we're really proud to finally be here. We've released games before, but this has been by far the most in-depth design experience for us. The trailer is embedded in the post so please take a look, tell people who might care and keep checking back.

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Long time no update. That's in part because not that much has happened, everything has just been bug fixes and balancing. Many boss tweaks etc.

But, at long last we have a release date - March 1st! And a teaser trailer:

We're so happy to actually be (basically) done here, the next few weeks are going to be hectic though. Ricky is already back at University and I will be back on the 25th of Feb, and we have another game release coming BEFORE this.

Anyway, have some nice pictures we may or may not have released before (I forget).

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User Posted Image

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Hi, I am really interested in this game.It seems like you have spent allot of time on it! I just want to ask you a couple of questions:
How many bosses are there?
How many maps?
Can I play it on my iPhone 4?
Thanks, and keep updating often! I can't wait till the release date!

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vivavolt Author

Hey! Thanks for you interest.

There are 5 bosses so far, and there are 3 maps (we may add more later). The lowest supported hardware is going to be iPhone 4, so yes!

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