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A link to the demo file that you can download and tip.

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Hello everyone. I know Its been some time without posting anything. But here you go.

After a long run (and by long, I meant 3 full months) a lot happened in the game and in my personal life. I want to start by that I fixed the bugs of being laggy. The game runs fine now. The known issues and are being fixed at time are:

  1. - Some sort of lagging after a 10 minute game (Happens once in a while). This lag is constant and happens at every 10 seconds.
  2. - The overdraw caused by the particles and excessive lights may lag and drop severely the framerate.
  3. - Capturing control points (which is only able with infantry) give's an humongous amount of money (Around 100k bucks or even more). Which is fine for who capture's it, but completely unbalance the experience.
  4. - Map placement is a bit messy in some areas.


Well, with that long time period that have must been some cool updates right? RIGHT!
So here we go:

Iraqi UNITS:

- Iraqi builder is a whole different model. Its now a TYPE 653.
- There's 2 new different models for the T55/TYPE 69 family.

- There's 2 variants of APC's: BMP1 and BTR60
- There's a SHILKA AA and Gazelle helicopters.

Those was the most improved stuff.
Also, the map is larger, the units has ID's over their heads giving more visibility during combat and more. Please. Consider tipping into the game page if you will. Will help improve the progress of the game.


Please, share and post your feedback here in the game page.

Here some screenshots:
Some encounters on the path

NVG Cam to help during the night combat.

Night Combat


awesome :D

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