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Are you interested, more or less, in our RPG project ? Maybe you watched the video from yesterday and have some questions. Here is a beginning of answer.

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If you watched the first video of TBT: The Black Tower, you probably noticed this line at the bottom of the screen : "Work In Progress". Please judge our early version of the game with that in mind !

Story :
TBT is about saving a planet. The world of Terra is in decline, but noone really cares. In the middle of the chaos, Yan wants to have a peaceful life in the forest, but there are more and more wild beasts. As a forest ranger, he has to fight them to try and restore an equilibirum. On top of that, some wood pirates, the Palak'us, are destroying the trees for an unknown reason. Yan will meet various characters who will defy him or help him, like his master Jacob or the boss of the Pirates, Orma. But what will change his destiny is the encounter with Ellana, who falls from the sky in a mysterious cloud of Yellow Particles. This is not going to be a story about love, it's not a romance, even if the feelings of the heroes will have their place. In fact, the link between Yan and Ellana will come from a mysterious artefact, a black die with great powers, that reminds of a Cube found by Yan's father 20 years earlier...

Graphic design :
The video and pictures shown until now are a prototype (work in progress). We want to improve a lot of things already to make an incredible indie RPG, BUT we don't want to make a AAA game ! Well, yes, of course we want, but we won't even try to make the best graphics, because we are a **very** small team, so we can't make something as beautiful as Mass Effect, The Witcher or Final Fantasy XIII. I'm sure you understand, and I think that's what "indie" means. Until now, we made this prototype in our free time, with $0000. That's a lot of zeros, yeah, and making such a game - even with all the passion we have - is still a matter of having a job to live from.
If I succeeded in releasing ASA: A Space Adventure on my own without funds, I know I can't make TBT alone, and people ask money to work. That's absolutely normal, isn't it ? ;)
For that very reason, we'll choose the security and do what we are able to do, and won't try to create incredible graphics that could lead to the end of the project.

Gameplay :
We didn't show anything about the battle system yet, and we're working on it. I don't know when we will have something interesting to show, it could take months. However, I think we have a good idea with the 3 fighters + 3 supporters in the same battle, even if it wasn't that "new" for some people (because indeed, maybe that already exists in another RPG, I don't know them all !). What I can tell about the gameplay is that we will work hard on it in order to create a good battle system of our own, but based on classical turn-by-turn battles systems.
About the gameplay in the video prototype : we are aware of some troubles, like the way Yan is moving and the movement of the camera on the Worldmap. That will be fixed.

Various :
- dialog box : I would understand that you don't like them as is. If it's a reason of color/aspect/shape/texture, then don't worry that will probably change. If you look closely, they're already being different between the screenshots and the video.
- the music is temporary. It was generously provided by a musician friend, but a new OST will be created on purpose for the game.
- currently, the english translation of the dialogs is certainly bad lol. Don't worry, if we succeed in making the game, we'll make a Pro translation !

All that being said, we are of course very interested in your suggestions.
Now I think we will need a lot of luck, and as much support as possible ! Thanks fo reading.

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