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This is a teaser for Tank Carnage. Single player mode is finished.

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I finally managed to finish single player mode and decided to make a teaser for the game as well. I'm going to release the game soon, but need to recheck everything once more, protect the game, package it and then release for the download. As tradition goes demo will be a full game but will have limited number of levels enabled. I've prepared an improved version of IA2 release protection, called "The Puzzler 2.0". I know that none of the cracking groups managed to crack IA2 as opposed to original Invader Attack which I lightly protected, because it was a basic game after all compared to IA2, but still, when I get a cool improvement idea, I just need to implement it.

So, this will be a v1.0 release of the game, single player mode only as I already announced before. I'll wait a few months before starting to develop multiplayer parts and I don't want to start at all if players are not interested in the game because it will take at least 5-8 months of extra work to make it all happen, since multiplayer parts will have lobby, network stuff, chat, achievements, online ranking system, additional maps, different game modes, with or without power-ups, and more features I might have forgot to mention here. In any case, it's a lot of work and a lot of months that I could spend making Invader Attack 3 or doing something else.

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