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Featuring teams, trading cards, object library improvements, and more!

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Yesterday we shipped a brand new update for Tabletop Playground featuring trading cards, teams, and more! Read on for the full details and changelog regarding the update.

Tabletop Playground Media Content

Our newest update for Tabletop Playground shipped yesterday with a host of features for developers and players to take advantage of. The first big addition is a system for determining teams, allowing for competitive games that involve collaborative play! New scripting options are available for mod creators that intend to interact in a more detailed manner with the teaming system.

November Update (Teams and Trading Cards) Media

The next big addition for convenience is individual playing cards now being available in the object library browser so you can setup and test games involving large numbers of custom card mechanics a lot more easily than before.

November Update (Teams and Trading Cards) Media

The last major addition for developers is an overhaul of the text editing scripts, allowing for more varied options like being bold, italic, text colours, and support for custom TTF font files.

November Update (Teams and Trading Cards) Media

The big addition for all players and the wider community outside the game is Steam Trading Cards! These have been a long time coming and the full suite of options - profile backgrounds, emoticons, badges and the cards themselves - went live yesterday. Check out the graphics below for a few examples of the new community content added by this update!

November Update (Teams and Trading Cards) Media

Five cards to collect, with five rarer foil cards for avid badge hunters!

November Update (Teams and Trading Cards) Media

Will you be lucky enough to claim the Tabletop Tyrant foil badge?

November Update (Teams and Trading Cards) Media

November Update (Teams and Trading Cards) Media

Just two examples of the five great Steam profile backgrounds you can collect!

If you'd like to read the full changelog, check it out below:

You can now define teams for players. Players on the same team can see each other's cards and chat or talk with each other privately.
• You can now spawn single cards out of card decks directly from the object library: on hovering, card decks now have a search symbol. Click on it to open the list of contained cards.
• A new game setting allows you to switch from highlighting objects (when hovered by the cursor) by lighting them up to showing an outline instead
• When trying to start a game with a package that has no starting states, you are now redirected to start with an empty table. The respective package will already be active in the new game.

• New customization options for all widgets that include text: You can set bold, italic, and color. Or set a completely custom TTF font.
• Add Text.setJustification and Text.getJustification to control text alignment
• Add TextBox.setBackgroundTransparent and MultilineTextBox.setBackgroundTransparent to allow for more flexible text box styling
• Add onTextCommitted events for TextBox and MultilineTextBox
• Add Canvas.updateChild to change coordinates of widgets on a Canvas
• You can now add metadata to object templates and to single cards within card templates. You can configure the metadata in the editor, there are new text fields in the object properties and card properties. You can access the metadata using GameObject.getTemplateMetadata and CardDetails.metadata
• New scripting methods to deal with teams: Player.getTeam, GameWorld.getSlotTeam, GameWorld.setSlotTeam
• Various improvements to API documentation

• Fix memory leak in upload mod screen
• Create stored objects folder automatically if missing
• Copy the node_modules directory with the API definition to user or custom package directory to enable autocompletion in VSCode when not using the game directory.

Thanks everyone! Stay tuned for more Tabletop Playground updates coming in the future! Don't forget to check us out on Steam:

You can also check out our 4-pack here: Humblebundle.com

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