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I would just like to mention my dev computer for SYNTH and it's frame rates, just in case any gamers out there are having super low frame rates with the game, on "good gear"

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SYNTH is pretty hard on every part of the computer CPU/GPU and buss,. but not THAT crazzy,.. some people should be able to get max frame rate out of it. Max frame rate is capped at 15-16 FPS.

I would LOVE to hear what you can get out of it on your PC and your specs,. send me an e-mail or comment on SYNTH,.

my computer: I get 6-8 FPS on the first level with this computer

-2.33 Core 2 DUO with 4 MB cache
-2 GB of DDR2 at 1300 Mhz (Dual ported)
-Windows XP-32 that has never been on the internet before
-A PCI-E "BFG tech" nVidia gforce 8600 GTS with 256 Megs of DDR3
-An Intel $100 Motherboard

Nothing that fancy really,. but this game shoots a LOT of geometry over the buss, so ram speed and buss speed comes into play.

Again,. I'd love to hear from about what kind of frame rates your machine can handle :)

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