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Update: Infinite worlds, cloths, new hands, new animations and bug fixes.

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Hey this is the new release 1.2.6. New is:

  • Infinite Landscape (no world pregeneration any more)
  • Third Person Mode
  • Cloths (you start with initial cloths and additional ones can be crafted)
  • New First Person Hands
  • New First Person Animations
  • New Equipment Mode (can equip multiple elements)
  • Lots of bug fixes

And some screenshots:


And we are working on a navigation mesh. If this works we can steer our monsters precisely throught the landscape.


Infinite Landscape (no world pregeneration any more) generate on the fly by a seed? perfect <3

Third Person Mode: Remember to make it on the shoulder because otherwise will look strange like MC 3PM mode wich its behind its back D:!, Also some sort of crosshair soo we can use arrows (and luckily guns) easier like in a simple fps.

Cloths (you start with initial cloths and additional ones can be crafted): Some different styles can be used from medieval to futuristic (maybe crafted with futuristic tools?) Also you should remember to make some dev tool soo more styling clothes can be added by third parties :D

New First Person Hands: mostly unnecessary since its just cosmetic though you would just :D!

New First Person Animations: you should concentrate on third person anims though, mostly because if youre gonna show feet n torso, its easier if you do it using the third person mode mesh like for example: mirror edge :D

New Equipment Mode (can equip multiple elements): hows the material placement? nothing but the material? thats ok, its perfect like that, on the weapon side: if you ask me you would think about doing it similar to for example starbound, two hands on the center (weapon n shield or doble weapon or weapon and light source) and the rest holding with a single hand.

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bsf_mistau Author

With the new equipment mode I meant that you can also equip shapes and cloths. Thats from a programmer perspective. I could of course make something like a shield and sword combination but for now I plan to add more present day weapons.

And thanks for your hints on the third person mode. I actually only throw a ray from the FPS camera a few meters back and then place there the Third Person Camera. I will think about how I can make it on the shoulder and still allow correct aim.

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still would use the double hand mode for a handgun and a flash light (or a melee weapon with the light) or a double handgun or double micro smg :D

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