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Synopsis and Credits: Retired detective Malcolm is awoken by the knocking of two mysterious whistle-blowers. They tell him about their lord who has been committing atrocities under the shroud of his glorious reputation. Intrigued, Malcolm decides to shake off the rust for one final case in order to pursue justice but finds that the truth is far more complex than it was made out to be.

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PLEASE NOTE: A few people seem to be having issues with the game crashing. This is not something that I've EVER had an issues with, not once. Neither did at least 2 people I know. My only suggestion at this point is to play on a CLEAN installation of The Dark Descent from Steam (no graphics mods), turn down your graphics a little as some levels are very detailed and to use 'Save and Exit' every time you load into a new level to ensure that everything saves perfectly. These crashes are not associated with scripting - it appears to be a hardware issue. I have no problems running this mod on my 6 year old computer as I am not using any graphical mods.

------------ Credits --------------

Story, level design and scripting by Exesus

---Voice Over:

Nick Gikas as Edmund Cromwell and fleeing male servant.

Exesus as detective Malcolm Holton, Vyner, dead prisoner, library drunkard and nightmare whispers.

Milxie as Wilhelm Blythe.

Pixiemage as Sera and hospital patient.

RamenLlama as manor's handyman.

Roozy as librarian and student in workshop.

Amfius as Robert Walker.

Sdeadfast as evil neighbour and guest.

Dreeki as Aphia Cromwell

Frank Garrett as Vyner before operation.

Mink Stole as Peggy Gravel from Desperate Living (sequence in streets level)

Dave Morgan as himself.

---Music Credits:

Inner Night - Psionic Asylum

Coma - Psionic Asylum

Danger Around The Corner - Darren Curtis

Labyrinth of Lost Dreams - Darren Curtis

The Devil's Cell - Darren Curtis

Rammstein Mein Herz Brent Piano Cover(Edited) - Anastasia Vlasuk

---Custom Entities:

High Quality Monster Pack - Juras Rodionovas, Red Line Games and NiksonX

Coffin model - DonProtz

Bolt Cutter, diary and other - Exesus

Alexander enemy model - Measuring


Macbeth excerpt - William Shakespeare

The Atonement logo - Jaz

A big thanks Mudbill who taught me everything through his detailed YouTube guides
and to Frictional Games and The Chinese Room for creating these amazing games and
giving modders the opportunity to create their own content.

Thank you to everyone else who wanted to volunteer for voice over but didn't get
in and I'm very sorry if I forgot to include someone! Please message me and I
will add your name to credits!

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