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Sweezy Gunner is only a few weeks away from completion after 2 years. I AM EXITE!

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Sweezy Gunner is only a few weeks away from completion. I have completely finished the main "Story" mode and everything is working as it should be. I was thinking "hey, i've just finished a game i've been working on for 2 years" then all of a sudden i thought to myself, "Hey wouldn't it be cool if i made a survival mode with online high scores". So off i went and started work on the new survival mode and i am very happy with how its coming along.

In the survival mode you are confronted by a never ending spawn of monsters, that increase in spawn speed. You have a "phase shift" bar accross the bottom of the screen which fills slightly with every kill. Fill the bar and "BOOM" a blinding flash and the terrain changes to a new zone with new monsters and stuff. Also upon hitting a phase shift you get a stat boost roulette appear giving you a random stat boost.

The survival mode is hard as nails and thats exactly as i wanted it. Heres hoping everyone else likes it too.

Thanks for dropping by and keep an eye out for Sweezy Gunner on Steam Greenlight real soon and im hoping to get it on Desura too! oh and ill also be selling it on my own website. www.windybeard.com

Hope you like what you've seen and read about Sweezy Gunner and if so why not drop by the Sweezy Gunner Face book page.

Much Love.

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