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Alpha 0.0.5 SWCSC A0.0.5 is out! with brand new textures,Troopers,GUNS! Lots of BIG GUNS!

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Alpha 0.0.5 is out with alot of new textures, maps and units guns and more! be sure to leave your ideas for the next update as for now we have stone textures,Galaxy skydome and more! we have most of the republic and Droid guns such has pistols Rifles and blasters! new unit textures *Special Clonetrooper Phase I armor!* with new deathmatch mode in it as well as Team deathmatch a few new troops cars and Droids such has the Enginner CloneTrooper,CloneTrooper,HeavyTrooper(RPG's),SniperTrooper,Commander. For the Driods or CIS we have

Droid(Normal Roger,Roger),Enginner Droid,Droid Sniper,Heavy Droid,B2 Superbattle Droid.

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