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Post news RSS Surviving Skeleton Island's first alpha stage Trailer Video is finally released! (Version 0.33)

Are you ready to Survive Skeleton Island? The first (very early) playable version of the game is ready and the first (early) Game Trailer is created for you check out some of the key features of this survival game. Check out the trailer below and contact us if you want to join us as an alpha tester.

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Survive Skeleton Island's first Game Trailer is finally here:

(version 0.33)


- Single player 3D sandbox game, on PC, and also pocket version for Mobile.

- Complete playable game with 2 main islands, and a few smaller offshore islands.

- 12 different biomes, each one with unique plant and animal life.

- 4 Progressively more difficult Dungeons, full of monsters, treasures, and bosses.

- 50+ different Weapons and tools to craft, enchant, find or buy. (More in the works)

- 30+ different Armor and other wearables to craft, enchant, find or buy. (More in the works.)

- Over 35 different Animals that roam the islands, ready to be hunted, with over 20 different loot drops.

- Animals that can be tamed to either become your pet and hunt with you, or an animal that you can ride.

- Boat (raft) that you can build, to travel to other islands and floating dungeons.

- 20+ Skeletons and other monsters, including bosses, each dropping valuable treasure.

- 30+ Mineable resources and materials that you can refine.

- 25+ Construction pieces that you can use to build your base and defenses.

- Clue based storyline, with quests, where you have to find out how you got there and how to escape the island.

If you want to test the game for free, go to our discord server:


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