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Just a little article about what this mod will be bringing for you all.

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Hey everyone!

As you can see, I am finally close to releasing something. This is a thing I have wanted to do for a long time now, and now I have finally managed that. The reason why I thought this was the perfect time was because I have been working on Year Zero for quite a long time without breaks, so this was a nice little refresher to have in-between. There is also another reason why I did this in this particular time, and you can read that below.

Changes when compared to original "masterpiece"

The original mod is mediocre at best, if even less than that. Still, the nostalgic bias is strong with that one, and that has led to this moment. My aim with this mod is to give the player a lot better experience than before, while still keeping a little bit of the goofiness provided with the original.

First two mansion maps are completely revamped. The general layout remains the same (with little expections), but instead of the boring old mansionbase assets I'll be using the modern assets. No more two wall tall walls which made no sense to begin with, no more nonsense blue light everywhere and no more stupid glitches.

The cellar areas and the dungeon area are also totally revamped. This includes better lighting, better detail, and better atmosphere overall. Thanks for this goes to Lester79, who helped with these maps and brought them to a completely new level.

• The story will be entirely rewritten. The storyline was probably the worst part of the original mod back in the day, as it made absolutely no sense, was stupid, poorly written and had way too many plotholes. The basic premise will stay the same, as well as the general idea, but the events in the story will be drastically changed. Another thing with the new story is to make this feel like the prequel to Year Zero. More about that later.

• No more pointless examinations. This was a thing I was excited with in the past, influenced by Penumbra. Now, however, I consider all the examinations pointess as they did not give the player anything.

• Collectibles. This is a little foreshadow to Year Zero and The Chosen Ones.

Those are the main changes, and below are some of the smaller ones:

• Instead of the two usual endings, there will now be three. It is a semi-secret ending, but can be achieved by using common sense.

• Some puzzle layouts and items will be changed a little bit

• More events and ambient sounds

There will also be more smaller things, but I'd also like to leave some of these things for the player to see themselves.

I recommend you to play this version before the original to see the changes and (presumed) improvement over the years.

Releasing on 20 October 2022

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