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SUPPLY DROP | Patch 0.1.3: Tutorial improvements and bug fixes!

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Dear commanders,

Thanks to your regular feedback and reporting from Shoal we have been able to implement some fixes sooner than anticipated. We’ll be supporting with an Orbital Drop in the near future that will bring large-scale changes to how you manage your supplies.

Standby for more information and keep up the good work,

The Exec


  • Fixed bug where consuming units that cost supply wouldn’t calculate properly in project execution
  • Units will now stay dimmed if they can’t move or attack
  • If you have a unit selected and it can attack, hovering over any enemy units will always show attack tooltip
  • Fixed issue where building a unit on a tile or moving to a tile where another unit had moved from makes unit unselectable


  • Mining Facility and The Drill no longer return Global Resources when self-destructing


  • Lots of Advanced Tutorial soft lock fixes!
  • The arrow that shows before dialogue in the Advanced Tutorial is fixed


  • Saves are listed in the same order in the main menu and in-game

We'd love to continue hearing more from you in our active Discord community! You can also tune in to one of our upcoming Dev Streams or Feedback Sessions where you can interact directly with the devs.

Our first major update for Cantata will be landing on Steam on the 5th July and we can’t wait to tell you more about it!

- Afterschool Studio

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