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Super Mega Bob Beta 0.2 is here, and it's being released as part of Desura's Freedom Friday promotion!

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It's taken a lot of work, but Freedom Friday is finally here and Super Mega Bob Beta 0.2 is ready for distribution! I would say a lot about this, but words are usually pretty inefficient. . . so here's a radical and groovy trailer to make my case for me:

Hopefully, you're already interested, in which case you should just use this awesome button from Desura to go download the beta version for free:

Desura Digital Distribution

For those that have already played beta 0.1 you may be interested in knowing what's new in Super Mega Bob Beta 0.2. This short list hits the highlights:

  • New enemies, making for 14 unique types in total
  • New hats and costumes, which have both practical and pimping value
  • New upgrades to allow you to further customize Bob to your gameplay preferences
  • A brand new "Sand" biome that features even more beautiful pixel art
  • New chiptune-style music that just fits a heckuva' lot better than that old stuff
  • Minor gameplay tweaks that just make things better

There are some other little things you'll notice too, but that is pretty much the bulk of what's new in SMB Beta 0.2. I have a lot of plans for the future! For one thing, the Kickstarter is coming this April - more on that soon. New biomes are on the way, along with a lot of story, bosses, enemies, and upgrades. The challenge factor is still high, so if you're looking for an old-school bruising you've come to the right place.

Please Follow on Twitter! You can also find out a LOT more about Super Mega Bob through my website at www.jenito.com. Thank you all so much and I can't wait to make the game even better for ya'll! ;)

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