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Super Donuts is a platformer without a jump button for iOS and Android! Roll the donut around many colourful levels, collecting sweets and rescuing the lost donuts, all while trying not to get eaten along the way! Read the article for a link to the kickstarter, a bit about the game and some videos of the development process!

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Roll a Donut around many fun and colourful levels, collecting sweets as you go. Make use of a variety of power ups throughout the levels and navigate your way through obstacles and enemies unique to each world.

Each level also contains several hidden Baby Donuts to track down as well as one hidden sweet to find per level and plenty of enemies just waiting to take a bite out of you!

Making of videos:

Progress Update #2

Progress Update #1

How to play!

In the game you control a Donut using just left and right, it's easy for anyone to start playing as the controls are intuitive and the physics feel realistic in the scope of the game. Each level only lasts a few minutes at maximum. There is no Jump button!

The main goal of each level is to collect enough of the baby donuts to open up the exit. Along the way there will be many traps and puzzles to stop this being an easy task! As well as some fun power ups to give the gameplay some variety.

There will be 7 worlds, each with their own theme. Each world contains three levels, one boss level and one hidden EX level which combines some of the obstacles and power ups introduced in the previous levels, these will be much more challenging, and optional to the completion of the main game. Once all 7 worlds and EX levels have been completed, a special 8th world will be unlocked!

As well as the ever increasing challenge of the levels, there is also the added replay value of trying to get a better high score to share online, as well as aim for the 100% completion rate which will unlock something very cool!

As well as the main story mode, there will also be an Arcade mode, which lets the player play through several extra hard levels, you get three lives and have to see how many points you can get before it's Game Over. The high score will be saved locally on the game, and, if playing on iOS, will be uploaded to Game Center so you can compete with other people around the world!

Gameplay Videos

Core Gameplay Mechanics:

Roll Left / Right Pressing left and right (or touching the left / right side of the screen) will roll the donut in that direction. If it rolls up a hill it will slow down slightly and if it is rolling downhill it will build up speed. You can use this built up speed to launch off ramps in the levels.

As there is no jump button, there are several helpful objects throughout the level which allow you to move vertically. They are:

Spring - Bounces you straight up

Fans - Makes you float in the air and rise slowly

Choco balls - Speed up’s which disappear as you roll over them. White chocolate balls are a one time use and disappear after you've rolled over them. Dark chocolate balls stay on the screen and can be re-used!

Bumpers - Bounce you in the direction you hit it in. Similar to the pinball bumpers in sonic's casino zones!

Clouds - roll onto a cloud to bounce up and move through the sky!

Moving bridges

And more!

Levels and Themes!

There will be 7 worlds, each with their own theme. Each world consists of three stages and one hidden EX stage. I won't spoil it all but here's some of the different themes you should expect to see in the game!

World 1 - Milkshake MountainWorld 1 - Milkshake Mountain

World 3 - Sugar SpeedwayWorld 3 - Sugar Speedway

World 4 - Fizzing ForestWorld 4 - Fizzing ForestLevel Designs

I don't want to give away too much of the game, but here's some of the levels I've currently made which are playable in the game as of now...

Level 1-3Level 1-3

Level 3-1. Click to see a timelapse of the level being made!


  • Kururin Donuts - The only other game I know of where you roll a donut around platforming levels.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog - Uses only one button, jump. It’s also very fast and momentum based and has things to collect throughout the stages.
  • Kururin Paradise - Not in terms of gameplay but i’d like this game to have a similar structure to level progression, with hidden stages coming off the main path.
  • Unirally - The idea of going fast along twisting roads and running over speed boosts is similar to the racing elements from this game.
  • Kirby's Fun Pak / Yoshi's Island / Donkey Kong Country - I like the visual style of these games and want to try and incorporate some of the fun and colourful feeling these games had!

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