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We've updated the game to v0.7.2, squashing bugs and adding new features and QoL improvements.

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Dear subROVers,

We've just updated the game to v 0.7.2!

The most notable feature in this build is that the HUD will now show the "common name" of anything you scan, right after you scan it:

scan name

This is a small change but one that makes the scan interaction much more rewarding, as you can see a tangible result right away. This also helps clarify the ID of variations of specimens in the gallery.


Also, if you take a look at the ROV readings in the screenshot above, you'll notice that the Oxygen reading is colored red. We've added a color grading to the reading so it's easier to know at a glance if the levels are low (e.g. when finding Humboldt squid).

Finally, we've added an accessibility option in the Options menu that makes the texts in the "chat" area of the main screen both bigger and bold, after a request from people who found them a bit too small.

bigger fontCert sm 1

Here's the complete list of new features and fixes:

New Features/Improvements:

  • General: (feedback) Added game option to make the texts in the dive’s “chat window” bigger
  • Menu: (feedback) Main menu now opens with the last dive site you visited
  • Menu: (feedback) Removed placeholder items in Gallery
  • Menu: (feedback) Humpback whale description revised
  • Dives: ROV HUD shows IDs of scanned objects
  • Dives: Revised ROV HUD colors
  • Dives: Oxygen readings’ text changes color according to level (helps find the minimum oxygen zone intuitively)
  • (0.7.1) General: (feedback) Game now playable with ultrawide resolutions

Bug Fixes:

  • Dives: (feedback) Hawaii - Beacons in beacon mode don’t show map icons after exiting and reentering dive
  • Dives: Minor ROV HUD flickering at great depths
  • Dives: “Orphaned” Ping dots in Humboldt Dive
  • Dives: HUD text in Up ROV camera has no background
  • (0.7.1)Menu: (feedback) Sponges not appearing in gallery after scanned

Get In Touch

All the items marked with (feedback) above come from your feedback, suggestions, and reports. Thank you very much!

Here are the many ways in which you can reach us:

Again, thank you, and happy subROVing! ⚓ 😁

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