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Submit a lord and you may see him/her in Nordland!

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I am a little short of ideas for lords, so I need you guys to submit face codes and names that I can use! They need to have a Nordic appearance, noble title, first name and surname/clan name/title.

Nobility Titles:
- Thane
- Jarl
- Chieftain
- Warlord
- Hirdman
- Greve
- Komtur
- Captain

You'll need to post a face code, these can be obtained from the face editor in-game. You'll need to be in edit mode, which can be turned on from the launcher settings. Once you've made a face, simply press CTRL + E, click the box that appears and paste it into the comment box on this news post.

RagnarrJarlJomsborg - - 36 comments

arl Ragnarr (of) Jomsborg would be my idea for a lord's name. (It's actually my ingame name, Ragnarr Jarl Jomsborg.)

It's really awesome that someone is making a good viking singleplayer mod, I guess the Community of the Multiplayer mod "Vikingr" will be happy when it comes out.

If you need some more names, you may find something here.http://www.angelfire.com/wy/svenskildbiter/Viking/viknams3.html

And if you need more help, contact Ragnarr Jarl Jomsborg on steam.

Btw, I would not take Hirdman (in old norse: Hirdmadr) as a noble. They were actually just the army of the norwegian king.

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Archie_Duke Author
Archie_Duke - - 857 comments

I wouldn't want to deprive you of your in game name in that case. One of the reasons I'm making Nordland is because there's no single-player Viking mods, so that was my intention, to make a good Viking mod for the people that want one (And myself.)

All of the definitions I've read of Hirdman suggested that they may be the Norwegian equivalent of an English Yeoman, a king's soldier that holds lands and is allowed their own retinue.

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Allatar111 - - 2 comments

Hjall Stirhanden, Erik Hammerstorm, Gynevra Thundermaiden (some sort of lady warrior (warmaiden?)) Grint Ironwill, Dirk Firetooth. I hope I helped :>

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Delexos - - 3 comments

Hopefully I have managed to sort this correctly.

By the way I had to cut the face code in half when posting here because the comments box wont allow people to post single "words" with more than 50 characters in length, presumably to stop people posting links to websites or something, as such I split the face codes down the middle and named them (A) and (B), just grab the (B) line and stick it on the end of the (A) line to get the full face code.

Now then, if everything makes sense and is in order allow me to present Chieftain Viggo Kronborg.
(A) 0x0000000d2d000307224d56291bb2672
(B) c00000000001c9b290000000000000000

And his son Vigfast Kronborgsen. (As for noble rank, I'm not entirely certain, whatever position would be held by the son of a chieftain I suppose.)

(A) 0x00000007150013d4129c6eca5bd1b4d
(B) 200000000001db6fc0000000000000000

Let me know if this is the sort of thing you were after, if it isn't then I'll stop.


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Archie_Duke Author
Archie_Duke - - 857 comments

Thanks man, I'll be sure to use them when I get back to working on renaming the existing vassals.

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Delexos - - 3 comments

No problem sir, happy to assist. Should you require any more do not hesitate to ask.

Best of luck for the project.


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Guest - - 692,399 comments

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ryu-ken-1992 - - 1 comments

Jarl: Rigvalla the Old/ Rorek The Black/ Hamming White wolf/

Thane: Bolverksson / Bjardar Ernyrdsson/ Sigvardr the Oslinga

Chieftain: Thorir of the Haedinga clan/ Hunding of Fjorden/ Grimfaxi of the Kongar clan/ Solveig Thorsdottir(female)

Warlord: Ulf Eagle Eye / Thyra Ragnarsdottir(female)

Hirdman: Ulfing The Bold / Slangehod Ivarsson / Tyrhalsen The Tall/ Arn Ildstad

Greve: Hravald of the Fehur clan/ Thors Urusson / Kenaz Osradsson / Geofi of the Wunjings clan

Komtur: Hagallaz the Niedling / Gerisar Black Hand / Yrperth Verndunsson

Captain: Algiz the Siegelling / Tywar from Mannaz / Ehwaz Beorksson / Ingwar Lagusson / Otheldaeg from Wyrdingstad

hope this helps

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