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Post news RSS Studio 404 - Overcharged Alpha Build!

Studio 404 presents its alpha build of Overcharged, our final project for our EECS 494 course!

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What's New & Why?

We added several exciting features this week in preparation for the alpha build. Players now can see when their character is overcharged more clearly through a visual effect and see their overcharge level with a second progress bar. In addition, we added UI cards to display what abilities are available at any point in time, making it easier for the player to know what they can do. The tutorial has been completely reworked and two new levels have been added. Levels are now more linear to fit better with the fast-paced nature of the game. There are also now sound effects for lasers and doors, which make the game feel more immersive. Moving platforms are now featured in some levels and the different levels are now more visually distinct, further enhancing the enjoyability of the levels through variety. The cut scene is also now skippable for those who want to get right into the game. In addition, there is now a level selection screen which allows players to quickly choose which level they want to play. Two new enemies were added, one that shoots multiple lasers at a time and another that jumps around as it attacks. They provide new challenges for the player to handle as they progress. We made big improvements to player movement, with the player character moving faster in general, and speed and jump height increasing with overcharged percentage. This gives the game a smoother fast-paced feel making it more enjoyable and incentivizes being overcharged further. The drain rate of the battery now scales with percentage, adding challenge to game by making it require more skill to stay in overcharge.

Screenshot of one of our new levels!

Screenshot of one of our new levels! Screenshot of one of our new levels!

What's Next?

For next week, we will be adding visual effects to indicate player abilities and movement and create more refined player animations. New levels will be added, likely of a similar style to current ones, and current levels will be tweaked in accordance with player feedback, especially with regards to difficulty. We plan to also add transitions between levels to create a smooth gameplay experience. We are looking at adding environmental hazards to the game that provide an additional level of difficulty on top of current enemies. Finally, we will continue to add theming to the game to enhance its flavor.

Download Links

Windows Build: Drive.google.com

Mac Build: Drive.google.com

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