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I'am stuck a bit with the story and the mapping, if I can say stuck. My tester have found lot's of bugs and things to do.

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As I wrote in the summary, I'am "stuck" a bit.I had to realize making a map isn't that simple as I thought.
The maps are right now like 5 minutes long, so I have to expand them.

In one of the mansion maps there are puzzles, but simple as 2x2 and the other mansion maps are short.
In the cellar map there is one hard puzzle, then a monster and you're out.Right now I'am expanding the cellar, but I thinking about expanding the others too.

My biggest problem is that I don't wanna key puzzles everywhere but I don't have ideas or I'am not be able to script them (I'am a beginner in both scripting and mapping).

Maybe I'll expand the release date to April, but I'am not sure.

PS. I dunno how to make credits...

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