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We are testing more and more assets in-game, and it gets us super excited to see the game taking shape like this. We filled this region with some more elements: structures with Portinus culture influence, some boats, and a lot of gatherables scattered around.

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Hey, peeps!

We have been super excited (and busy) with development, and more and more assets are being tested in-game.

Like all the things we have shared so far, this is still a work in progress, and there's a lot to work on. Ambiance effects, lighting, camera, and depth of field are also in their early versions. Still, we are happy with how it's coming along, and thought you'd be happy to see it as well!

The images show see some Portinus structures that will be a common sight once you find NPC Factions with this culture in-game. You can also spot some of the gatherable items that have been implemented already, and can be picked up to be used in crafting (which is also working).

Other than that, these images include a test we have made with our titanic rocks, so their formations are closer to how we want cenotes to happen in the tropical regions of Profane. We also changed their textures to test some things, so keep that in mind in case something about them bothers you.

So, can you spot all the gatherables shown here? Let us know what you think!

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