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Strawhart is an action-puzzler setting you on an ill-conceived quest to start a cult and resurrect an ancient evil. Read about what this means for your family homestead in our latest update!

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The Homestead Update

Home sweet home. It's where you return after every adventure in Strawhart. What that home ends up looking like is up to you though!

Learn about how you'll build a neighborhood of followers, and customize your own little slice of land:

Hello There

If you're new to the game:

In Strawhart, you'll go on a well-intentioned quest to awaken a terrible evil. You'll explore rich stylized worlds, all while testing your ingenuity against increasingly devious puzzles. Try to best each world's uniquely unforgiving Finale encounter, and perhaps build a cult along the way.

So what does all that have to do with the family Homestead? In your travels, you'll get the chance to rescue or recruit all sorts of interesting characters. Some you'll share a common goal with, while others will be hidden away, awaiting the arrival of a worthy explorer. Once they get to the Homestead, they'll begin helping your cause. But they'll need a place to stay.

The Windmill

Your Homestead changes based on who you recruit and where you house them. Each resident brings their own personal touch to their room. Once they're settled in, you'll be able to talk with them, help them with their problems, and even get some much-needed assistance.

Since you're on a mission to resurrect an ancient evil (no matter how noble your cause), you're bound to attract some cultists. It's a hazard of the business. Your family windmill might quickly become repurposed if you're not careful.

A Guest at the Windmill

Still, some of you might see some benefit in having your own cult, so recruit away. Just make sure you keep them out of your mother's sight, or there will be hell to pay.

And then there's the rituals. The more cultists you bring back to the Homestead, the more likely it is that they'll start performing all types of strange rituals (for better or for worse).

A Guest at the Barn

Thanks for Reading!

We hope you enjoyed this update! If you want a reminder of when the game releases, you can now wishlist us on Steam!

Be sure to keep checking up on our IndieDB page in the coming weeks, when we'll be talking about the places you'll visit, and how the companions you recruit to the Homestead might just come in handy out on your next adventure. Until next time!

Prepare to Explore!

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