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Stratus: Battle for the sky is approved by steam for early access, now on can be bought to support the team

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Stratus: Battle for the sky is approved by steam for release

What to expect from this first release

1. Players may log into the current work in progress lobby and join a battle ring, player may select world size, island size, Island numbers

2. Player Can launch game from battle ring in the lobby getting into game, we have tested with up 7 players in testing of joining and hosting server. if single person in is in ring toggling the gear next to name will launch game, if more then one person is on battle ring once they click to toggle in the game will launch.

3. Once in game players may construct temple and and workshop along with power generators and rain resource collecting golems and collect resources.

4, Player can also place bridge section and connect islands and construct from bridges..

5. Rain faction Ice cannon, Rain beat spawning pools work to attack enemy structures in range..

6. Review the currently finished Sun faction and Rain faction units designs.

Coming Update
The dev team is currently working on the following patch update fixes

1. health bar for units and structures showing current remaining health.
2. resource collection loop timing out bug that pops up sometimes fixed where resource collector stop occasionally
3. Priest capture and Altar for win game
4. correction to minor buildings dependency requirement for resource collectors and bridges

This is a very early release and marks the first presence of Stratus: Battle for the sky on steam and as such it is still buggy but we are looking for players to report bugs so that we can move forwards with patching and implementing remaining factions and features as we move forwards to completing and polishing the game through funds raised..

Why release now? the team hopes through coming to steam early access to help raise funds to continue developing and finish the thunder and wind factions and finalize and polish gui elements for in-game and the battle lobby along with remain elements needed to complete Stratus..

Please report all issues or questions to the games community page


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