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An overview of the narrative element in Sacrifice.

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The dialogue document is currently sitting at 16,425 words although around 750 of that is character titles and notes to myself.

Unlike most Mithalan women, Elena never wanted to be associated with royalty...let alone a princess. However, her love for Prince Drask removed any such fears. Together they have been extremely active and effective rulers and thus well loved. Even the decision to annihilate the Krotite’s after the Erulian massacres was almost unanimously supported. But these have all failed in comparison to the loss of their god…their creator…Mithala.

Although he traveled away from his people on occasion it was for never more than a few months. Mithala has yet to return from his last journey and that was some ten years ago. This abandonment has plagued the people of Mithalas and caused obvious political and religious upheaval. Despite being religiously devout even Prince Drask has begun to lose faith.

Fearing further desertion Prince Drask feels he cannot leave his city in search of answers as he once had. His trust in those close to him has been slowly waning and as such he has turned to his wife Elena to seek council outside of their waters. As Elena begins to delve deeper in her journey she finds that all sentient life is being slowly destroyed. Her fateful journey leads her through adventures both harrowing, tragic, and strange to a final battle she cannot win. Mithalas will fall.

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