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An Underwater Fantasy World to Explore

A massive ocean world, teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater dweller in search of her family, as she explores the depths of Aquaria. She'll travel from hidden caves, shrouded in darkness, to beautiful, sunlit oases, all lovingly handcrafted by its two creators.

Naija's story, narrated fully with voice overs, will become yours, as you join her on this magnificent adventure.

Magic and Combat at a Mouse-Click

Naija has the gift of the Verse. By singing songs, she can weave this force to change the waters around her. With each song Naija learns comes new abilities. With powerful songs, Naija is able to change form, giving players many options as to how to play the game.

And with Aquaria's intuitive mouse-only control system, it's as easy to make Naija swim gracefully through the waters as it is to have her sing, cast spells, and engage in combat with the numerous dangerous creatures that inhabit Aquaria's waters.

The Xbox 360 controller and FPS style mouse / keyboard controls are also supported.

Create Your Own Worlds

The full version of Aquaria includes the level editor and modding tools which we used to develop the game. Easy to pick up and learn, you'll be able to make your own worlds, and even add your own graphics and music. The powerful Aquaria level editor allows you to test your creations while you play the game!

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Nov 29th, HUGE update: source code of Darwinia, Multiwinia, DEFCON, and Uplink now available!
Dungeons of Dredmor was added to the bundle as well (accessible only if you pay more than the average).

Humble Introversion Bundle source code

* * * * *

Straight from developers of Aquaria, Crayon Physics and Introversion team.

Epic, award-winning games. Darwinia, Aquaria, and Crayon Physics Deluxe are year-on-year, Seumas McNally Grand Prize winners at the Independent Games Festival, representing the very best in distinctive, engaging gameplay.

Pay what you want. If you bought these games separately it would cost around $70 but we are letting you set the price.

The games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Time left to buy the latest bundle:

The official website: Humblebundle.com
The ModDB Humble Bundle group: Moddb.com

Introducing the Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want)

Introducing the Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want)

News 103 comments

This is an awesome pay-what-you-want indie video game / charity promotion that we are trying out. Read on!

Content Patch v1.1 Released

Content Patch v1.1 Released

Sacrifice 3 comments

Aquaria: Sacrifice finally gets a world map! New content, in the form of a massive level and arena system, is bolstered by a multitude of changes from...

Aquaria: Sacrifice released!

Aquaria: Sacrifice released!

Sacrifice 1 comment

After 18 months of development the epic, narrative driven mod for Aquaria is finally released. Enjoy roughly four hours of single player goodness.

Level Creation Time Lapse Videos

Level Creation Time Lapse Videos

Sacrifice 2 comments

Two time lapse videos of two of the roughly 22 levels being created for Sacrifice. Available in High Quality on YouTube.

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Meatymod v1.02

Meatymod v1.02

Meatymod Full Version

This is the newest release of Aquaria: Meatymod. Enjoy! Read the included readme file for installation & contact information. This fixes some bugs...

Labyrinth v1

Labyrinth v1

Labyrinth Mod Full Version

[New version uploaded 18th June 2013] This is the current release of Aquaria: Labyrinth Mod. To install, simply unpack the zip file into your _mods directory...

Sacrifice v1.12

Sacrifice v1.12

Sacrifice Full Version 3 comments

After 18 months of development the epic, narrative driven mod for Aquaria is finally released. Enjoy! Please let me know of any bugs you find as well...




"A massive ocean world, teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater dweller in search of her family, as she explores...

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eh, thought it could have been better if it had taken a more passive/puzzely route than the action-adventure one it took. I mean really? a mermaid that fires rockets and kills ****.. not a bedtime story as it seemed at first.

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I really liked this game even though I never completed it. I just now got back into it and restarted it. Probably like it better now than the first time I played this.

It's a must have for anyone who can appreciate a nice colorful 2d side scroller.

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This game really needs to get on Desura...

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A shortcut for Aquaria and Sacrifice mod for Aquaria is on Desura. Aquaria can't be distributed here without the agreement from developers.

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When are people going to mod for this game? Only one mod on the mod database? And when are people going to start using the source code to make their own games?

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I just once again finished Aquaria (having bought it like 3x now due to bundles or what not) and have to say I had a blast. I've not had the time to sift through the team news and what not but took notes during credits. I'd really like to thank Derek Yu and Alec Holowka for an incredible game that has gotten me through 2 weeks of quitting smoking (game was quite relaxing yet kept me good and focused) and to Naija's VA Jenna Sharpe who did an excellent job and would make a great fit in our own Indie project and will be looking to contact for that purpose when the time comes. To Jon Perry all I have to say is loved the Aquarian Language/Alphabet. While not overly complex it required you pay attention to quite a bit in the game like main menu transition to even begin to decipher right away. I use to do the same when I was a kid just to see if I could. Once again wanted to thank you all and anyone I may have missed for such an excellent game.

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Very incredible game. Picked it up with the humble indie bundle where it was the only one I knew nothing about in the pack. That was a shame because it is definitely my favorite of the bunch. I really like having a metroidvania game on my computer, especially one with a strong story and intriguing battles. I just wish I didn't get as confused as often as I have been. I'm going to work at finishing it, it just might take a while. Anyway, keep up the awesome work!

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Reock's Reviews!

Okay so this review is a little....late, but I only now discovered this game so here we go.

For a demo there is ALOT to do, the game itself is simple but pretty and would do damn well on a DS or maby the Wii, both of which would be suitable for the 'verse' song mechanics of aquaria. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty, this is a 2D exploration/puzzle sorta game, with the entire thing going on underwater, for those who played SNES's donkey kong, this game feels alot like the water levels. Beyond that however, it goes to a whole other level for such a simple game. The aquatic backgrounds (which are layered, giving a very 'deep' apearence.) and the music of the game is top notch, the main ocean them (played near the heroines home) if very relaxing and enjoyable in its own right. Id buy this game just for the music, though the price tag advertised in the demo is $30 which strikes me as a little steep, its still entertaining and relaxing at the same time....though I do not advise playing it while sleepy, the travel time and music will make you faceplant your keyboard in no time flat.

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Absolutely amazing game that is probably the most under rated and under looked indie games on the PC.

Its kinda like a mix between Metroid, Geometry wars, and ecco the dolphin but better!!

Such a shame that this went unnoticed by so many gamers and it has good MOD support.

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This is an amazing game.

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