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Even after the final release, there is more on the way.

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Yeah, pretty quiet in the news section.
But what do you expect from a released game?

After updating the screenshot list over the last months, I thought it would be a wise idea to point out that additional content is still being developed. Remember that there is no campaign team, TBP has always been about giving fans a set of tools to create their own adventures in their favorite universe.
And there are those who boldly go where no man has - forget that, wrong game - well, those bold fans who are making new campaigns.
However, these people are individuals, which boils down to "you only learn of a campaign when it's released". Few announce anything before that and those who do sadly often give up. The only content I can actually talk about without making a fool of myself is the one created by me: It's coming along well. I won't speculate about the status of WIP projects by anybody else.
Conclusion: New content is in development.
I know that's very vague for a new post. Sorry folks.

In the meantime, there is still the multiplayer and the countless currently released campaigns.
Expect to see some updates here on the page soon.


vage indeed.

But overall positive :P

Thanks for thinking of us! haha

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TheVidmaster Author

Like I said: What do you expect of a released game?

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There are still a few projects going on and I look forward to see them once release announcement.

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wish you guys would make a cockpit.that makes it moer real.and enjoyable.cheers for a great game though/cheers

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