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I have returned to work on this great mod, it's been a while but i am getting things back into shape.

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I know it's been a while since i made an article but i'm now ready for my return to modding in general. I am returning on a good note, starting with new events for the mod. These events shall be featured in the game, there is more to come but this is what i have at the moment.

-The Serbian Revolution: Serbia is tired of living under Yugoslavia, in this scenario, Serbia sparks a revolution against the ruling government but suffers in the long run.

-Russian Factories: An event pops up when playing as Russia where their factories in Azov are thriving dramatically and Tsar Alexei uses the money that was earned to put it to agricultural advancements.

-German is at war once again: Germany just doesn't learn, they want to become a superpower, even if it means to destroy all of Europe.

-Kosovo Breaks Away: The region of Kosovo was inspired to break away from tyranny, they seek to establish there own state but they question if Serbia will eliminate them for breaking away.

I am working as hard as i can, i know i said that before but i will make this one of the best mods in the history of hearts of iron. Keep up your support and i promise a nice mod for everyone to be in aw about.

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