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Steam Marines v0.7.7a has arrived with a bevy of bugfixes and more!

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Hello, everyone!

If you enjoy Steam Marines please do head over to Steam Greenlight and vote for it!

I finally tracked down and killed some nasty game breaking bugs causing crashes and slowdowns. On top of that I managed to get some more game in the game - more weapon sprites for the Leader and Scout classes, automatic turn saving, cleaner UI, and faster fog of war and level generation code!

Cleaner HUD UI
Cleaner UI

Mission objectives and equipment details are now in the Promotion panel and UI elements have been shifted around. Font sizes have been streamlined and all buttons are now in the same place - on the bottom center of the screen. The inventory has been shifted to the bottom right corner.

Where's my ammo counter?!?
Ammo Counter scrolling text

The ammo bar was clunky and some people never even used or noticed it! It's been pushed into the Promotion panel as well, so if you want to know exactly how many loose rounds and magazines you have left, take a peek in there! Until then ammo counters will keep you appraised of the current situation without too much mucking about!

Thanks for reading and happy robot hunting!

Full v0.7.7a changelog follows:

New Features

  • The game now automatically saves before the player turn/after the enemy turn.
  • Added more Leader and Scout class weapons.
  • Reduced grenade main target damage to 15. Aoe damage remains at 10 damage.
  • Stripped weapon/armor information and placed them in the Promotions Panel.
  • Stripped Deck information/mission objectives and placed them in the Promotions Panel.
  • Cleaned up the main UI HUD to only present really necessary information.
  • Event log has been extended in size and is less verbose.
  • Added a text ammo counter that scrolls when a marine fires.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing issues.
  • Fixed potential infinite loop in deck generator.
  • Fixed various sprite loading issues.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak with weapon attachment sprites.
  • Fixed music not properly playing when loading a save game with the Hulk encounter in progress.
  • Fixed miscellaneous display bugs with the Promotion and Inventory DUI.
  • Fixed ammunition not loading properly on some generated weapons.
  • Fixed Guard Mode not triggering on the very last action of the enemy turn.
  • Fixed marines being able to enter Guard Mode without action points.
  • Can no longer enter Squad Follow Mode while any marine is in Guard Mode.


  • Game text font sizes more consistent. Game option large/small font sizes not yet re-enabled.
  • Fog of war reveal and level generation code is faster.

Has the marine's chatter text overlapping bug (mostly happening when a marine kill two robots at a time) been fixed yet?

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Worthless_Bums Author

Ah, no, not yet! I need to get on that :)

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