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Post news RSS Steam Marines v0.7.5a is out with stability and bugfixes, and AI improvements

Steam Marines v0.7.5a is out with stability and bugfixes, AI improvements, and more!

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Hello, everyone.

If you enjoy Steam Marines please do head over to Steam Greenlight and vote for it!

Build v0.7.5a fixes a bunch of small stability and bug issues, as well as improving enemy AI and polishing up some of the UI. Map generation is sped up, special wall tiles were added, player and enemy turns are more clearly separated, and more quality of life stuff!

The Hulk encounter was fairly difficult for some people. It has been toned down slightly and Grenadier class weapons have had their stat ranges slightly narrowed. Beware the mini-boss Revenant. It's fast, aggressive, and explodes upon death!

Happy robot hunting! Don't let this happen to you:

Steam Marines Game Over


New Features

  • Balanced the Hulk encounter on the Command Deck. It's now highly unlikely you
    will end up with a Grenadier class marine with a weapon incapable of
    punching through the Hulk's armor.
  • Flamejacks and Thopters adopt more group tactics when flanking the player's
  • Added the Revenant as a non-unique enemy. Fast, aggressive, and will explode
    upon death.
  • Player and enemy turns are split up more clearly.
  • Added new squad death/game over screen.
  • Sped up map generation and added some special wall tiles.
  • Rebalanced ammunition availability and experience/level curve for marines. You
    will no longer end up with four sergeants after just two levels.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed facing not always checking for proper amount of Action Points.
  • Fixed enemy units not always facing in the proper direction for certain actions.


  • (More) game windows like quit game prompt can be closed with the escape key.
  • Survivor marines have a lower and narrower range of health and ammo.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.
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