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Today I'm gonna share with you some new informations about the custom story.

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Hey guys! How's going? I'm sorry I didn't write anything for a bit since my last article, the custom story was supposed to be a bit short and simple but while developing I realize that it didn't feel right, like something was missing. Then I decided to extend the project; I made the custom story longer and more substantial, to make this I obviously had to change a bit the plot and with the changes to the plot I also had to change the endings. Before I was thinking about 3 endings but now the custom story has 6 endings.

I've done some changes to the new features that I mentioned with my last article, in details the ghost enemy now behaves like a grunt: it has a sight range, it has collision, it can hear sounds and it can break doors, this means that it will no longer go through walls and objects but it's fast and can spot you from distance, it is still invisible though.

I also added the achievements system, if you have played the Woods of lost memories you already know what I am talking about, this time there will be 6 achievements and I tried to make them easier to be obtained.

The development of the custom story has almost reached the end, what's still missing is an english proofreader for the various dialogues/notes and betatesters to not only report bugs but also to give feedbacks on the difficulty of the whole custom story; I know that a too hard custom story can be frustrating for some players that's why I want to make sure the overall difficulty is balanced.

That's all for now! Thanks to everyone who supported me and gave me advices! I can't wait to share with you the full version.

Thank you for reading :D


Nice article, keep the work up!

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