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Things to come, my new project "TAG" and some things about IGOTY 2009.

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A lot of things has happened since v.0.150 and a lot will change.

First the usual change log so far:
* EngineCore_TextProcessing.java was made obsolete and has been removed.
* Rebuilt the console.
* Commented out currently unsupported screen resolutions.
* New font system.
* Simple animations for NPC sprites.
* NPC's can now be rendered in two modes "model" or "sprite"
* Corpse stay method.
* Created frame work for sprites.
* Separated "player body", "player gun" and "player fists" from GameCore3D.
* Added a simple loading screen.
* Player body is now black by default.
*Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the menu code, making the buttons sometimes not able to be clicked on.

Please note that the next version (named v.0.155) will not be released this year. (sorry)


I have decided that the Trashcan Game Engine will only focus on trying to be a 3d engine. The text version of Trashcan will be played in an engine called TAG.
TAG is a text adventure engine I'm working on, it will use the same structure Trashcan Game Engine but it will be text only.

This means that I will have two projects to work on. Trashcan 2346 and TAG.

More info about TAG will be released later.


PS: it would be great if you guys would like to vote for Trashcan 2346 in IGOTY 2009 awards. Thanks! :)

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