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A brief overview of the current state of the game.

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Just got set up here on IndieDB, thought I'd post about the current state of the game.

The current features are in a mostly completed state:

  • Oxygen flow, generation, depletion (i.e. from breathing or fires)
  • Water flow
  • Unit pathing for simple objectives (i.e. find food, store items) that don't require multiple steps
  • Basic graphics, lighting, etc.
  • User interface for tracking people, building items
  • Sprite animations
  • Electricity generation and consumption
  • Unit death, health recovery over time
  • Hunger, sleep, breathing requirements for humans

And probably some other features I've forgotten.

Things I'm currently working on:

  • Adding more information to the UI
  • Adding resource requirements to build items
  • Building out the monthly supply shipment features
  • Always, always bugfixes and usability tweaks

A major feature that I haven't touched yet is science and research, which will play a major role in the game. I'd like to have the "pre-science" game mostly done before I get into that though, at which point I'll probably release a demo.

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