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Please help us in this journey to the most amazing indie game ever!

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The game have a concept for in my mind need to come to life. I will tell you the idea now:

Basic Features:

Destruction: Everything must have a threshold of destruction. That includes military vehicles (not just a damage bar), soldiers (affected by body armor, place of impact, velocity, and type of projectile), buildings, ground, trenches, etc. Pretty much everything must be able to change a bit with force.

Realism: The player need to feel some of the hardships of war. This is not supposed to be an arcade game. More like a streamlined simulation with heart. It also need real tactics and weapon simulation. For example, soldiers can join certain brigades on either the Allies of the Central Powers... They will have a chain of command, a resource limit, and realistic asymmetrical advantages over one another. Also, their will be a degree of customization that varies by team and role. Each will have an advantage and disadvantage as well as specific performance stats. For example: If a soldier chooses a helmet over a cap, his visibility will be reduced by the helmet on the HUD, and it will affect fatigue by weight. That said, it will add shrapnel protection and some bullet protection.

Graphics: Real life or bust... Between filters, super duper duper high poly, and 4K textures, this game is supposed to look real. And I mean real. Like really real. I believe in my devs! Oh and BTW, this game has no studio. I is a collaborative effort of devs across the world giving there specific content to a selected super-dev to put it together. I am not that guy though, I am just the supervisor/command.

Customization: I think a level should be included in this WW1 setting. In a realistic mode, the brigade should choose uniform, but in a more casual mode, the player should pick from a pair of uniforms of varying types as well as helmets, body armor, and blast plates. Maybe even righting messages on helmets.

Bad-Ass: I know I said there should not be much arcade driven play, but it still need to be awesome. How? Good story, good animation, good sound, good music, good graphics... Sound good?

Please all of you dedicated developers of mods and other indies, join for the sake of an awesome game. I will be there the whole way...

Thanks, and don't forget your gas mask...

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