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The Starport Delta v0.28 alpha update adds more music, population evacuations, and various other updates and fixes.

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Starport Delta 0 28 Alpha Update

Its that time again! Its a closed alpha update to Starport Delta from the Cloudfire Studios team! This update adds more music, population evacuations, and various other updates and fixes.

What's new

  • new game trailer!
  • add a new set of music
  • add evacuations
  • add camera shake to space worm roar
  • add Steam hooks for recording stats
  • add new military transport ship
  • add new trade agreements UI
  • performance update for background nebulae
  • update nebulae visuals when blending close together
  • update resource notifications position in 3D
  • update upgrade sets to use construction animation
  • update space worm to have some more particles
  • update collision settings for buildings and ships
  • update the arms on the corridor tile to dynamically attach to neighbouring buildings
  • change character notifications so they don’t show up in free-flight mode
  • update mesh on Imperial Juggernaut
  • update images for campaign mission hexes
  • design UI for in-game leaderboard
  • updates to trade agreements
  • fix missing cursor for first-time language selection
  • fix taking two clicks to start mission after click-advancing briefing dialog
  • fix music sometimes being silenced
  • fix music being de-synced when pausing the game
  • fix occasional case of mission objective 3D asset not showing up
  • fix defense lasers not firing on pirates
  • fix timing issues with deconstruction of upgraded buildings
  • fix electrical storm not despawning the second time it shows up
  • fix flight-mode keypress falling into a bad state
  • fix deconstruct animations being played on destroyed buildings
  • fix deconstruct for infinite money bug
  • fix garden leaving too much debris when being destroyed
  • fix spaces not going back to being buildable after debris is harvested
  • fix bugs with evacuation UI animations

What's next

  • addition of voice acting
  • more campaign content

Wishlist Starport Delta now on Steam and Green Man Gaming!

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