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The Starport Delta v0.32 alpha update adds a new loading screen, performance optimizations and various other updates and fixes.

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Starport Delta 0.32 Alpha Update

It's time for another closed alpha update to Starport Delta from the Cloudfire Studios team! This update adds a new loading screen, performance optimizations and various other updates and fixes.

This week's update image is a station designed by one of our alpha players. It's a great illustration of being able to design your station in your own way, in this case with an homage to Space Invaders!

What's new

  • add new loading screen
  • performance optimizations for buildings
  • adjust trade agreements to be unavailable for a period of time when declined/terminated
  • adjust detection on which buildings are protected by shields
  • switch to using hardware-based mouse cursors
  • add plumbing for playing videos from objective UI
  • reduce income from housing buildings that require maintenance
  • adjust behaviour of the AI on the final mission
  • fix super-upgrade power plant breaking some of the building count tracking
  • fix character names in mission briefings showing the wrong name
  • fix auto-sizing of text on objective achieved UI
  • fix mouse-based station rotation causing lag for mid-size stations
  • fix buildings staying inactive due to chain of inactive dependent buildings
  • fix leaderboard loading animation
  • fix evacuations not working if evacuated housing buildings are destroyed while residents are displaced
  • fix existing corridors in campaign levels not correctly connecting to neighbouring buildings
  • resolve minor build warnings

What's next

  • translation updates
  • ship updates

Wishlist Starport Delta now on Steam, Green Man Gaming and Humble Store!

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