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The Starport Delta v0.31 alpha update adds a host of new animations, a new leaderboard system and various other updates and fixes. We're also going to Dreamhack Anaheim!

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Starport Delta 0.31 Alpha Update

It's time for another closed alpha update to Starport Delta from the Cloudfire Studios team! This update adds a host of new animations, a new leaderboard system and various other updates and fixes.


Just quietly, we're excited that we've been invited to showcase Starport Delta at the inaugural Dreamhack in Anaheim! Grab your tickets and come support all the great teams and games in the Indie Playground!

We'll be bouncing from Anaheim to Boston where we're showcasing at PAX East at booth 32080! You can still grab tickets for PAX East as well, and we'd love to meet more players and introduce everyone to Starport Delta so come along to play the game and say hi!

PAX East logo

Still lots going on with the game as we increase the pace of new builds. A lot of content being finalised and being sent out for translation, and we're particularly proud of the new character animations.

What's new

  • add additional facial expressions to characters for briefing dialogue
  • add body gestures to character animations in briefings and to in-game notifications
  • add leaderboards
  • add volume slider for voices to options menu
  • add new UI for when mission objectives are completed
  • add visual effect to highlight button to start mission after briefing dialogue is finished
  • add stats/conditions for checking waves of disasters
  • add new icon for smuggler in security scan
  • update visual effect on buttons
  • adjust music volume down when voice clips are playing
  • update evacuation shelters to only display evacuation UI if enabled for the scenario
  • update some voice content
  • fix error in character visuals when loading mission one
  • fix some reference errors
  • fix wrong dialogue clip playing in mission three
  • fix supply ship timing being slightly out of sync
  • fix storms objective completing too quickly on mission seven
  • fix ships all travelling through the port tile on their flight paths

What's next

  • more voice content
  • ship updates

Don't forget to check out our new game release trailer:

Wishlist Starport Delta now on Steam, Green Man Gaming and Humble Store!

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