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Post news RSS Starpoint Gemini 3 gets modding and release date!

Along with the official release data comes Steam Workshop support plus dozens of improvements to many gameplay features.

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Hi everybody,

We hope you're all well and happy, as we have some seriously good news this time!

First of all, development of Starpoint Gemini 3 has entered its final stages, so excitement and stress are at expected levels! And, this is a good time to include so many talented people from your ranks as well. Hence the arrival of modding support in this update! Unleash your creativity and use the tools we've created to amaze your fellow gamers.


Also, we'd like to announce that this update is likely to be one of the last updates during Early Access! Full release is drawing close, and soon we'll be talking about expanding the full game rather than adding what's missing. At this point, we can say that full release and full unlocking of the game is set for October 14th. Many of you will notice that a few major chunks are still not in the game, but don't worry – we wanted to avoid splitting the remaining pieces into smaller content updates, so you'll get all remaining content at the same time in one huge update. Should be a nice surprise for all of you and allow you to be positively surprised even if you've already played the game. Yes, the entire campaign is nearly finished and will be unlocked on release, player owned capital ships too, and many more things!

StarpointGemini3 05 3StarpointGemini3 04 3

Bear in mind that in the following weeks, you can expect more frequent updates as we prepare everything necessary for the implementation of everything that's left to be added.

We'll announce news on this hyperspace jump quite soon. For now, let's get back to what this update brings: as usual, full changelog will be listed below, and as highlights I can mention that besides opening the Steam Workshop, version 0.800 brings improvements of the blueprint system, and an overall batch of new elements to find, explore and gather. Noticed a space anomaly in the distance? Get yourself there, explore it and gather rewards. Then sell the information to the highest bidder.

Screenshot1StarpointGemini3 02 2Screenshot2StarpointGemini3 03 3

As per your request, targeted enemy objects will now display additional HUD information regarding that target. It's easier to eliminate enemies if you know them, right?

Another useful addition, also requested by many of you, is the ability to plot your course on the Starchart. If your desired destination is further away, setting a waypoint will now automatically plot the most handy course there, taking into consideration fast travel Nav bouys etc... Never get lost again!

The trading system received a sizeable rebalancing package as well, so get rich in a meaningful and fast way! And don't forget to say hello to Doug Jones, a roaming space trader you're bound to meet at some point...

For those who found drone missions too challenging, your dear ADAH got an early Christmas present – an active deployable shield.

StarpointGemini3 01 3

v0.800 CHANGES

  • ADDED: Support for Steam Workshop and access to mods
  • ADDED: Navigation Starchart upgraded with fastest course plotting (with multiple WPs)
  • ADDED: Active shield system for player drone
  • ADDED: Anomaly mechanics now have specific loot drops
  • ADDED: Additional stats information on each weapon
  • ADDED: Wormholes with subspace areas
  • ADDED: Entire Darwin sector with all objects and missions
  • ADDED: Roaming space trader Doug Jones
  • ADDED: Proper derelicts for several additional ships
  • ADDED: Anomaly data items granted for anomaly scanning
  • ADDED: For „completionists“ - track bar on Starchart that summarizes everything there is to explore in each sector
  • ADDED: Loot containers within radiation nebulas
  • ADDED: Templar Outpost in Outerlands sector
  • ADDED: Radioactive nebulas
  • ADDED: Cockpit visuals upgraded (in cinematics)
  • ADDED: Sectors info and completion stats added to Starchart
  • ADDED: Hunter missile now interrupts cut engines mode and auto flight
  • ADDED: Light weapons can now destroy incoming missiles
  • ADDED: Weapons and weapon hardpoints: one weapon per each hardpoint
  • ADDED: Due to weapons mechanics change, rewards greatly modified and balanced
  • ADDED: HUD quick info on locked targets
  • ADDED: Anomaly scanning now grants experience and rewards
  • ADDED: Option to toggle depth of field on/off
  • ADDED: Invert Y axis for player drone
  • ADDED: Additional language localizations for new content
  • ADDED: Additional blueprints in sectors Outerlands, Sora, Extera, Iolia and Mars
  • UPDATED: Character models optimized
  • UPDATED: Additional lootable containers on levels
  • UPDATED: Additional security patrols near key locations
  • UPDATED: Encounters are now properly discarded while in radius of active missions
  • UPDATED: Asteroid update and draw distance now match properly
  • UPDATED: Nexus ship security patrols now have modified and corrects paths
  • UPDATED: Starchart nebula pins
  • UPDATED: Jupiter sector level
  • UPDATED: Added sales lists to Io Moon (Jupiter sector)
  • UPDATED: When dropping game to Steam with SHIFT + TAB, camera mode remains correct
  • UPDATED: Pressing SHIFT displays equipment hint
  • UPDATED: „Specialist“ achievement now unlocked properly on last skill stage
  • UPDATED: HOTAS T.16000m improved config file
  • UPDATED: Available weapons, ship modules and equipment lists updated on several dockable locations
  • FIXED: Upon load, nebulas are now visible correctly
  • FIXED: Boss Starchart marker displays correctly now
  • FIXED: Player waypoint correctly removed after successful jump
  • FIXED: Commlink during campaign mission 6 now displayes correct video
  • FIXED: Radar range is increased to match installed module type
  • FIXED: Camera positions during several cutscenes
  • FIXED: Saving a game doesn't generate fake skill points anymore
  • FIXED: Skill points respec is now locked if you have insufficient credits
  • FIXED: Radiation shied progress now works correctly while Starchart is activated
  • FIXED: Scanner radius regarding radar now working as intended
  • FIXED: Templar faction now uses correct ship types
  • FIXED: NPC AI ships no longer randomly fire while out of combat
  • FIXED: Additional fixes in cinematics regarding player ship modules
  • FIXED: Rendering distances and LOD's regarding asteroids and junkyards
  • FIXED: Derelict detection is now in corelation with scanner stats
  • FIXED: Derelicts now appear on radar as intended
  • FIXED: Ship turret count now displays correct value
  • FIXED: Planet Starchart hint now displays properly in higher then 2K resolutions
  • FIXED: Located blueprints can now be properly collected
  • FIXED: Mission timer and quick action don't overlap visually anymore
  • FIXED: Camera movement removed while in ingame menu during drone missions
  • FIXED: Derelict rotation now correctly follows rotation of original ship model
  • FIXED: Berzerker capital ship now displays correct weakpoints
  • FIXED: Bug with „infinite“ blueprint spawn removed
  • FIXED: Encounter quest cannot spawn inside a planet anymore
  • TWEAKED: Labels on weapon installation menu
  • TWEAKED: Targeted object is now shown on radar
  • TWEAKED: All radar distances now match sensor range
  • TWEAKED: Anomalies balanced and optimized
  • TWEAKED: Crafting items info
  • TWEAKED: HUD radar display objects
  • TWEAKED: Camera tweaks in ship customization
  • TWEAKED: Interior HUD notifications
  • TWEAKED: Nav Buoy positions modified in several places
  • TWEAKED: Weapon turrets positions on enemy capital ships
  • TWEAKED: Balanced asteroid rich nodes

Very soon specific news on the remaining features will follow, and we'll also reveal more on the upcoming D-day, the full release.

Meanwhile, enjoy today's update and stay tuned!


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Teaser is really hard to watch X( .....
Rest sound good.

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Blake00 - - 259 comments

Freelancer Mod anyone? haha

SG3 is so similar to good old FL it would make a great engine for a FL mod.

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