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Now that September is running out it is time for some info about the latest changes.

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- Reworked the player ship model and texture
- Reworked moon level
- Added allot new assets or reworked existing ones
- Nearly finished the first big BOSS
- Added allot code / features for BOSS skills
- New enemy "Orca"
- Did a first round of bugfixing

Meanwhile i had allot of thoughts about the gameplay and storyline. But i think i got it and have solid plan now to what needs to be done to complete the game. Most of the functionalities are also done. That brings me to the nice part of making a game, create content!

Recently i started a Facebook page. I'll will use it to do some sort of dev log and place to show some more images while i'm programming this game. Have a look and maybe like that page! (You will find that link on the STARMETAL Steam Greenlight page)

Have a nice Day!

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