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After 5 years of (re)development (mostly by Jon Harbour and finalised by Steve Wirsz) we're pleased to announce a brand new opensource version 2.0 release of Starflight The Lost Colony!!! To date still the only finished Starflight fan game in existence. However a LOT of large changes have been made to the code (almost a rewrite) which has likely created a LOT of nasty bugs that need finding so we NEED alpha testers!

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Hi everyone! My name is Blake, over the last couple of years I've been helping out Jon Harbour and Steve Wirsz on publicly releasing a new and improved 2.0 version of Starflight The Lost Colony! And by help I mean marketing, alpha testing and endless pestering (lol), similar to how I help out John Weaver on his awesome Starflight TLC Heroes of Arth project and Marvin's Starflight Remaking of a Legend project. I'm a big fan of the original Starflight games (in particular the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive version) and am passionate about the many fan projects out there. So much so that I recently made a video series trying out every single Starflight fan game out there digging up private demos and content the world has never seen before! One of my absolute favourite fan projects is Starflight The Lost Colony which at this point in time is still the only finished SF fan game in existence.

So if it was finished then what are we announcing here? Well for years after the original final release (Ver 1.03 2012) Jon wanted to go back to the project and give it a huge overhaul upgrading many areas and fixing any remaining issues. He even posted here at IndieDB announcing plans for a Steam release and put out a call for developers. However as is often the case real life became all encompassing and Jon just didn't have time to finish the game without help, which unfortunately hadn't been offered by anyone. So for a couple of years Jon's greatly enhanced but broken and unfinished version of Starflight TLC sat untouched. However in 2018 Jon and I started talking about cleaning up his unfinished version as best as possible and putting it up on Github so interested Starflight fans and developers could easily access the new version. One of Jon's former team members Steve Wirsz of the brilliant starflt.com resource pages agreed to help Jon look after the github repository and even decided to start working on the project again picking up where Jon left off and getting the new version alpha into a playable state for Starflight fans to test and report bugs on.

Well now that time has come and the new alpha version of Lost Colony ver 2.0 has now been released!

If you have never played Starflight the Lost Colony before we recommend you still check out the original final 2012 release first as that is more stable or simply watch the below video where Blake does a tour of the first few missions. Then please feel free to check out the new alpha and report any bugs you find in this forum thread here.

Links and Information:

Starflight - The Lost Colony is released as free software under the GPL license. This software is not public domain. Please do not direct-link to these files.

Release ver 2.0 alpha (73 MB) :

Gameplay Manual:


Report Issues:

Source Code:

(OLD) Release (ZIP) ver 1.03 (58 MB):

System Requirements:
Windows XP 32-bit or later

Improvements in 2.0:
- Countless game engine and code improvements
- OpenGL requirement removed
- 1024x768 requirement removed, now supports any 4:3 resolution and widescreen with letterboxing
- F = full screen mode for combat
- F1-F9 = trigger alien encounters from hyperspace (debug mode)



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Blake00 Author

well indeed lol

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hey i will do this next time for you

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Blake00 Author

Thank you :)

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