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Post news RSS Stardeus Space Base Building Colony Sim Development Update: 2021-03-05

Human bodily functions, space expeditions, smelting ore, factory automation plans, and more!

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Hey, Space Travelers!

It’s been a while since last update, but I’ve been busy implementing more core systems and polishing what is already there. A lot of new things can be seen in the mini trailer that condenses several hours of gameplay into 5 minutes. Let me introduce the most prominent changes.

Human Needs and Behaviors

Colonist Needs

From now on, all human colonists have a full set of biological needs and functions. They will want to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom and take a shower. This plays along with the mood system, as having a lack of the facilities is going to affect the mood in negative ways, while taking a shower will make anyone happy for a while.

Space Expeditions and Mining

Expedition 1

Since we can fly around in space, there had to be a way to explore all the planets, and get something useful out of them. You can now build space shuttles and launch expeditions to nearby space objects. For now we can only explore the planet and mine ores (more on that later), but the system is fully integrated with AI storyteller, so there will be much more than just mining.

Expedition 2

While technically it is possible to generate a map for the planet and switch to exploring it first hand, I decided to cut the scope and keep it simple - as the Ship Computer all you can do is give remote orders and wait for the expedition to return with the loot.

Expedition 3

Processing Materials and Factory Automation

Most of the materials you will bring back from the expeditions are not going to be usable right away. You will have to set up a small space factory to process raw materials and ores into other materials.

The first piece of the factory, the Furnace that will blast the ores with heat and produce metal sheets, is already implemented.


I have big plans for the factory automation part, and while it’s not going to be on par with Factorio, this will add a lot of depth to the simulation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update! And here is the full list of changes.

v0.4.4 (2021.03.04)
- Get rid of long press buttons where possible
- Prevent clearing notifications while in tutorial
- Create dialogue queue instead of replacing dialogs
- Redo tutorial to work with new dialog queue mechanic
- Improve graphics at further zoom levels
- Fix some tooltips getting stuck when mouse moves over a dialog or UI element
- Generate various types of ore deposits in discovered planets
- Implement full space expedition cycle
- Implement first space expedition event: finding mineable ore
- Add new OST track

v0.4.3 (2021.03.02)
- Fix ship generation getting stuck in a loop if starting area failed to generate in first attempt
- Fix objects not being cleaned up in between ship regeneration attempts
- Fix objects destroyed during generation cleanup still showing info icons
- Fix Unity crash when error reporting was triggered not in main thread

v0.4.2 (2021.03.01)
- Change planet looks generation in Starmap
- Fix electricity deficit notification duplicating itself
- Fix electricity connector bug that prevented creating connections if an unfinished connection was released on a non energy tile
- Add new Materials
- Add Furnace for smelting ores into alloys
- Fix trying to open Starmap overlay messing up the tutorial
- Fix Engine sounds playing after load while engine is off
- Fix game being unplayable on Mac

v0.4.1 (2021.02.25)
- Dump contents of a storage when it is removed
- Anchor zoom to mouse cursor
- Fix Starmap view scales and offsets
- Improve Starmap looks
- Add Shuttle and initial implementation of space expeditions
- Normalize volume of all OST tracks
- Normalize volume of all sfx
- Change UI sound fx

v0.4.0 (2021.02.17)
- Stop and play ship engine ambience sound when engines are off / on
- Show current goal events after loading the game
- Fix reach stasis arrays goal not getting completed
- Fix charge station task being stuck if rejected by a worker, leading to workers failing to recharge
- Add more functionality to Tasks overlay menu
- Add confirmation for mass removal and repairs
- Implement being sleep
- Implement being toilet use
- Implement being shower use
- Refactor Needs to be loadable from JSON files through mods
- Refactor Materials to be loadable from JSON files through mods

v0.3.6 (2021.02.14)
- Leak oxygen/heat through damaged floors
- Show damage type in "being taking damage" notifications
- Fix generation placing stasis arrays differently for same seed
- Fix AI need drop rates to be more precise
- Add tooltips for all info icons and texts
- Fix hitting ESC while showing areas overlay with hovered icon not hiding area preview
- Fix enclosed areas and islands count not updating in area overlay
- Fix camera zoom not restored when loading
- Add "Build a Copy" button to constructable object details and context menu
- Add goal system that guides the player with suggestions of what should be done next
- Add a dozen of different early-game goals

v0.3.5 (2021.02.10)
- Add function to hold doors open and release them
- Add new event notification type that will contain an extra info button
- Fix Research Tree and Starmap widget WASD pan speed depending on in-game camera zoom
- Show less components on unreachable devices
- Expand electricity connection failure warning popups with more details on how to solve the problem
- Fix error in environment tab when section has become unavailable
- Make Heater's target temperature configurable
- Improve heat exchange simulation
- Reorder overlay icons
- Make storage haul priority configurable
- Switch to energy connect tool when dragging any energy node in free select
- Redo info icon system to support cycling multiple icons
- Make energy connect tool visual feedback easier to see and understand
- Improve Planter
- Improve Storage
- Fix Drone light source requiring energy
- Add refill priority to Matter Reactor
- Make Matter Reactor configuration mass-copyable
- Restrict copying component configuration for non-reachable devices
- Fix sparks not going away after cancelling an ongoing construction task
- Fix worker priorities being modified for each workers of same species at the same time
- Fix Starmap not loading saved destination properly

v0.3.4 (2021.02.06)
- Fix space travel ship taking forever to stop
- Change haul icon
- Add a way to mute all game sounds
- Retarget the entity link to next entity when clicking an icon on group event widget
- Split Labor component into Labor and Worker
- Add controllable and non controllable worker types
- Implement worker priority management

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Of course! :D

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