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Post news RSS Stackout - enchanced version with 4 new levels live on kongregate !

We've been working hard in the last weeks on Stackout and added 4 brandnew levels, tons of bugfixes and polish to bring Stackout to kongregate.

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We figured our first important step to a more mature release of Stackout would be to improve on what we have in a short time and spread that out on bigger platforms and therefore we decided to target kongregate first and foremost.
So today marks the exciting announcement of just that.

Kongregate Release

We worked ouf backs and fronts off and on to bring you the first iteration of the Stackout experience, with 4 brandnew levels and a lot of bugfixes and tweaks, that mostly make the game a lot more fair to everyone, since people said it was quite a tough game to master !

Stackout finally on kongregate !

We would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this iteration of Stackout, so we can make our brain freeze once more on the next brainstorming session.
Click to see the full changelog

A whole new world

Apart from the big news we have even more media to share. We decided to go back to the graphics of each world and try to push these even more. These are the first new ideas that we throw around internally. We even made a little teamfortress2 hommage :)
We enjoy the direction they are heading in very much and are sure to explore that even more in the next weeks !

Nature scene revamped Water in Stackout ? Why not !


Now i'm going to be in kongregate hours and hours.
Is there going to be achievements?
If yes, here you have some suggestions:
1. "Stacked Out" Complete all levels in all worlds (15 pts)
2. "Powers in stack" Have all upgrades active (15/5 pts)

Also, when i press Esc, it opens the menu, but when i press Esc again, it doesn't closes it, just a minor bug i think :)

Nice game.

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Thanks :) We implemented various types of achievements, but now it's up to Kongregate to approve and abilitate them:
- 1 for each world completion
- complete a level without losing a life
- complete a whole world without losing a life
- complete all worlds
Your "Powers in the stack" achievement looks really interesting too! Noted it and will probably add it later.

About the ESC thing, we actually didn't implement it on purpose, but now I realize it was a mistake, agh! Noted it!

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Ok! That are good news :D

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