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Discover the power of paper and epic adventure as you fight, explore, and solve challenges in Squareface. In a looming, massive universe full of big challenges and mysterious enemies, it’s up to your Squareface cardboard and paper character to prove himself and come out on top. This 3rd person role playing game puts you in full control of character customization, base building, and accessory and ally management to fully explore and enjoy more than 40 original story missions.

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Dive right into the stunning graphics and mesmerizing adventure story by customizing your character to match your unique style. Inspired by the childhood practice of crafting paper and cardboard toys, you can enjoy nearly unlimited flexibility in the graphic version, too! Set the gender, fashion the coolest outfit, pick out your backpack, and stock up on weapons to get you started in the game. Once you’re ready, your Squareface character is launched into the dangerous world with a little bit of cash, an intriguing story, and a few weapons for defense.

As the action unfolds and the adventures direct your journey, your character will pick up a variety of items, tools, and friends to help you win the war. Grenades, mines, guns, canons, and a variety of other artillery line your paper pockets to blast away your enemies and fight through challenges while you reach important check points. You will discover that there are nearly as many weapons to discover and use as there are enemies! Choose your favorite way to shoot, blast, and explode your way to victory.

Increase the speed of your travel and solve challenges in style with a variety of transportation options and vehicle choices. Your Squareface can put in some time at the garage to trick out and upgrade the basic car or truck for serious street cred. Speed past enemies on the street, drive like a maniac through the large-scale environment around cardboard foes, and rev your engines at the race track to beat your competitors to the finish line.

In a world that is full of challenge, suspense, and adventure, it’s reassuring to know that you’re not in it alone. Find companionship and help in the form of a pocket sized pet. The small creatures become your trusted allies and will stay by your side through even the most difficult fight. Instruct your paper pets to attack for added enemy damage and trust them to hold onto extra money when your pockets are full. Your pet can take shelter at the barracks or meet you there after a long battle.

Find your place for healing and planning in this vast, wild world. The barracks are your customizable space for sorting gadgets or weapons, working on your vehicles, and spending time with your pet. You are fully in charge of this area and are tasked with building the base and your defenses around it to keep the cardboard enemies out and ensuring safety on the inside. With so many secrets, challenges, and threats lurking outside of the walls, it’s important that your Squareface has a safe place to land.

Squareface offers a unique RPG experience that comes to life through user-centered customization features and impressive graphics and concept renderings. The game play is completely unique with the opportunity to flow into real life as well. Bring your character to life with printable trophy paper toys and create your very own Squareface character with clothing blueprints and an adventurous spirit straight from the game for a nostalgic play experience to match the modern game style.

The game is now greenlit on Steam

Squareface is available on Game Jolt

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MeroDN - - 8 comments

This is a very good idea, but it seems to lack a thought out and explained story. Its all peaceful, but then, BAM! Out of nowhere, there are baddies all over.

I really like the ascetic, you are some amazing game developers, but the story telling isn't that good.

Sorry )-:

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