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More pics and trivia on the action adventure spyra. New screenshots and informations.

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And now its time for a little update

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This is the last build I do in version 1.20.15.
The first few levels are pretty much dungeon dwelling and what is a dungeon without is misproportioned critters? I spare you the obligatory giant rats and give you some giant spiders instead. They are still using a more "organic" texture from the Relikt game which I will be changing into something more pleasant soon.

that dagger is also a work in progress...the texture looked a bit better in the editor than it looks ingame :)

While I rarely work on this, it is coming together because its really a lot more fun than my previous games.

You often repair machinery but don't worry, I wont let it devolve into a cogmachinery simulator! :D

Yes! This level has the classic "replace the missing cogwheel" scenario. But hey! Therefore you can eat from a halucinogenic mushroom.

Some of the dynamic levelparts miss shadermaps and look slightly out of place. That should be no problem to fix though! :D

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I see that the next update will be more interesting. Maybe I let another alpha leak, we'll see what the next few weeks bring.

Lesbian_Owl - - 136 comments

wow @_@ looks awesome

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ArminCH - - 23 comments

That´s a great atmosphere you built up here, mister!

I also love the fantasy-styled sword very much.

This is the same engine as "Into the Dark", right?

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Serygala Author
Serygala - - 548 comments

Thank you! :)
Yes, it is!
"Into the Dark" is the biggest release with this engine so far. If you are interested in the engine from a technical standpoint it is more advanced than my games. Homegrown and especially Ivan here is a more technical approach where I bank on aesthetics. :)

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IvanErtlov - - 342 comments

It is! However, Serygala has a great reputation for bringing the engine beyond its limits when it comes to creating artistic and overwhelming environments, while we have a rather GONZO approach (Throw in all assets we have and see if it works out).

So visually the games can´t be compared, Spyras Art direction is lightyears ahead of ours.

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