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In this article we discuss the possible split ups of Germany and Japan.

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After releasing version 0.1 we realized that our original desire to have giant countries was unfeasible and understandable for game play. User feedback stated that it caused performance loss and inhibited game play. We might have a solution to this problem. While staying true to Phillip K Dick's original idea while having to make some leeway for performance and game play, we believe we found a nice middle ground that works for everyone. Germany is split into 4 major sections (from the start) Germany (Third Reich) consists of all major German holdings west of the former Soviet Union, The Eastern Block (Former Soviet Union and Baltics), South Germany which consists of German holdings in South and Central America, and the German Provinces of the Middle East and Africa (GPMEA) which consists of German holdings in the Middle East and Africa. Japan remains a little bit tricky as it's holdings consist of 75% of the worlds population and therefore will most likely need revision on its borders with the puppet state of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (GEACPS) and possibly a "Oceania" puppet to be added.

MHC Breakup   Copy

Once again we require your feedback to determine if this is what you as a player would like or if we need more smaller puppet states. All feedback is appreciated. Please leave your thoughts on this post and we will take it into consideration. Thank you for following our development!
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Looks very nice.But I was wondering if there were going to be population changes,considering the ethnic cleansing and "germanisation/japanisation".
Also it would be neat if Canada had some events and goals to achieve the liberation of the Commonwealth.

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alexgrossmonster Author

We're very weary about "ethnic cleansing" in our mod since we are already walking a fine line with swastikas in our mod. Also we feel as if removing some minority groups would be pointless in the grand sceme of things as the ETHNIC groups that were persecuted are a tiny fraction of the worlds population. If we were going to do something similar it would be the RELIGIOUS cleansing that was performed as it makes up a much bigger majority. We find this however a little too close to reality and much too low on our list of things to do.

In regards to your Canada question, we may consider such an event at a later date however priority 1 is to get basic mod functionality up and running first.

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