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The prototype-phase of SPLIT is now over for it has become an alpha while more than a few key points have changed... therefore a re-introduction is in order.

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SPLIT is an sci-fi indie puzzle platformer set around the players ability to switch between dimensions. It is based on the multiverse theory which states, that there is an infinite amount of alternate universes being slightly or even completely distinct from ours.

The main objective is to solve puzzles in a rather strange environment. Different types of cubes and the main ability to switch between dimensions offer challenges requiring both logic and dexterity.


Set in the near future, a spherical entity arrived on earth. The proportions are beyond comprehensible sizes and it seemingly came out of nowhere. As if that isn’t enough, you're assigned with the task to explore its inner core....

… finding yourself in a never seen before environment. It almost seems like it’s filled with an array of test chambers but why? What happened here? Who built it? And why can you switch between Dimensions?

Key components of the story will be dimensional traveling, environmental exploitation, technological evolution and trans-/neohumanism.

SPLIT - 01 SPLIT - 04

- change the rules of time and space by switching between dimensions
- challenging and ever-changing puzzles
- remarkable jump & run gameplay
- unique sci-fi story
- 15+ storylevels
- unlockable story+ mode and challenge maps
- achievements and hidden secrets
- powered by Unreal Engine 4
- Oculus VR ready

SPLIT - 02 SPLIT - 07


While the core about switching dimensions remains untouched, some of the other features have been either changed or even been replaced. For instance the electricity induction is no more, while moveable cubes, spike cubes, laser cubes etc. have been added. The former skills that could be used anytime (slowmotion, invulnerability and teleportation) now have to be collected and then put into a queue.

Besides that the style has been altered a bit meaning slightly different and new cubes, new lighting and a redesigned, though yet not final environmental background.

Still, most of the work since the last news item has gone into programming the new features. Some of them have been so extremely difficult to realize... but anyways. This is but a fraction of what is new since a lot has happened under the hood as well (features, story, engine etc.). The important thing is: SPLIT has become an alpha and the level design process has begun.

SPLIT - 08 SPLIT - 05


Creating an ambitious game is a difficult task. Though I was partially able to finance the project myself until now, the time has come to ask for help. I wanna be able to create something new, unique... crafting an experience you won’t forget.

Still, everyone has to make a living and so do I. I could finish the game as a free time activity but then it would take forever and I’d never be able to deliver the quality SPLIT deserves.

That’s why I am asking for your support. Become my Patron on Patreon and together we can make something magnificent!


But even if you don't want to donate, you can still visit Patreon for it will work as a blog about the development of SPLIT. Although patrons will get exclusive information and articles for their support.

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I really like what i'm seeing and hope you have the power and the will to finish it!

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