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Post news RSS Space Salvager: 1.4.1 Released

The newest patch for Space Salvager is out, fixing a number of issues and introducing some new content.

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Content Added:

  • Replaced the DX10 shadows with OpenGL/DX9 shadows
  • Changed arrow colours and sizes to fit contexts better
  • Resource drops now appear on HUD
  • Equipment and ships now only appear at the station you purchased/manufactured them
  • Weapons now fire from different positions on each ship
  • Economy has been re-balanced to reflect player time and equipment pricing
  • Resources now affect the ship cargobay
  • Accessing a ship from the hangar bay now means selecting undock from the Hub will choose that ship automatically
Combat_1 Combat_3 Combat_4
Exploring Jumping Mining
Salvaging Combat_0

Bugs Fixed:

  • Stopped the player trashing their only ship
  • Player death no longer causes the game to crash
  • Player death no longer causes the game to go into a null state
  • Closing the save menu no longer double activates the station menu
  • Fixed an issue for jumping from “First Boneyard” to “Muspell”
  • Lasers now always show when firing
  • Loading text did not always turn green on load
  • When trashing items you can no longer enter an empty menu
  • Fixed gamepad support
  • Increased particle engine efficiency by approximately 100%
  • Radiation warning now renders when HUD is not active
  • Can no longer destroy last ship at a station
  • Can no longer destroy last engine at a station, including those already equipped
  • Hangar bay menu fixed to not drop weapons on undock
  • Player ship is no longer visible after death
  • Engine trails for the “Gold Dumpster” now reflect their true position on the ship
  • HUD text now goes over shadows

The sprites are pretty unique. The AI seemed confused as to why you were shooting at them lol but It looks like you're working very hard on the game none the less.

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