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A 2D platform game for hardcore players. Use Shurikens to defeat enemies.

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Update for Space Ninja ------ 2021.11.21

Hello guys! Here comes the release of the alpha version of our game. Specifically, in this week, we :

  • Added a new kind of shuriken --- shadow .
  • Added a whole new stage, with new enemies.
  • Add active triggers and images for the dialogue system.
  • Refactor of in-game and out-of-game UI, include details of the character values, inventory, and shuriken specifications.
  • Rewrite the story of the game ------ still under development!
  • Better in-game guidance.
  • Bug fixes : movement on the platform, loading scenes, shurikens crossing obstacles, etc.
  • Aesthetic design : complete animations, and more sprites, and more audio.

We’ve received lots of feedback for the milestone 2 version, amongst which the problem of a softlock and lack of guidance are the most outstanding. So one of our main goals for the alpha version is to remove the glitches in the whole gameplay process. We spent much time fixing bugs, remaking the gameplay process and playtesting. For the new content in our game --- the new shuriken shadow and the new stage --- our intuition comes from the famous anime Naruto , in which an ability called Shikaku Nara can attach the caster’s shadow to the target and force the target to follow the caster’s movement. There are some interesting reactions when we combine teleport with shadow . I hope you can enjoy this mechanism.

Speaking of the beta version : we will continue to improve the gameplay experience based on your feedback. New shurikens and stages will come, along with a complete storyline. There will be a boss in the next version, if everything goes as planned.

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Link to the google drive folder of this game : Drive.google.com

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