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Pitchforks, Potatoes, Squids and Scrumpy Gas! Check out the updated screenshots and then get ready for some amazing co-op action!

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Space Farmers, our Co-op action adventure game has been updated to version 0.3a on Desura!

It's hard to keep our excitement bottled up when telling you about what we've been working on. We just had to release a lot of that info in our recent dev log video otherwise we'd just burst!

But the update is finally here and we can't wait to hear what you think of it!

This time you and your friend will encounter the new, super tough, statically charged enemy type: The Space Squid! Make sure you're properly equipped (hint: Laser Cutter) and go squid hunting. But beware of their additional ability: Invisibility! So the only way you'll be able to see them is by wearing the right type of goggles. Unless you're looking for them at, I don't know, a disco? Just saying...

Also get ready to launch some hot potatoes with the hot potato launcher! These bombs do major damage to anything nearby but they need to be remotely detonated. This is where your friend comes in, they've got the big button with "BANG" written on it. That'll do the job.

Finally you'll be able to try out our first close combat weapon, the Pitchfork! Swipe at the chompy robots to smash them up, but don't get too close!

This update contains 5 brand new levels bringing the number of current available levels to 14!

Check out these exciting new screenshots from the update:

Space Farmers Screenshot 10
Space Farmers Screenshot 11
Space Farmers Screenshot 12
Space Farmers Screenshot 13

Space Farmers is currently in Alpha and can be purchased on Desura's Alpha Funding scheme, currently with a very generous discount!

You can also get the free version that contains the first three levels.

So grab a friend, grab a gun and have some fun in Space Farmers!

Space Farmers

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