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The Source Film Maker, a tool used to make the kickass trailers for TF2, Portal, and Day of Defeat, has been leaked from the TF2 Beta Build.

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If you didn't get the memo, then you probibly don't know about how VALVe's Source Film Maker has been hacked from the depths of the backed up versions of TF2's Beta. This is pretty cool, but bad at the same time for VALVe, because who knows, Someone might just hack the game and make fake trailers for the game. Or it could be good, getting some more advertisements for their game out. Whichever, its pretty kickass.

ghost59 - - 1,060 comments


frist cool

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Ryswick17 - - 416 comments

whoa that's pretty awesome!

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MrMister - - 46 comments

Interesting, would make machinima look much more professional in TF2.

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Varsity - - 1,044 comments

I never understood why Valve disabled it in the first place.

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sappy_nirv_bg - - 210 comments

Same here but back then I don't recall people being able to use it. Would be a really fun thing once we get it.

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Killer_man_1996 - - 511 comments

omg... why Valve always leave some beta files in all the GCFs from their games?

Videos are pretty cool but now i think that Valve will make us wait more time for the Source Recorder.... :(

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hakamutsi - - 401 comments

source recorder? you mean Source FILM MAKER
source recorder xD you can use the source recorder with the console...

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cW#Ravenblood - - 6,703 comments

coll coll

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hakamutsi - - 401 comments

i wanna download it xDDDD

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Kasplatt - - 412 comments

So what can this do that we can't do using the demo recorder already?

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MrMattWebb - - 1,803 comments

Demo Recorder -> Fraps -> Vegas -> After Effects

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Johnchief117 - - 151 comments

From what I hear, you have to illegally download the beta version of TF2 and add some extra files to it in order to use the Source Filmmaker. Otherwise we have to wait untill Valve finishes "Meet the Medic" and "Meet the Pyro" (which only God knows when those will be released) in order to have an official legal version.

And for people who dont understand the purpose of the Source Film Maker, it's a tool built into the game that gives you much more control over your videos than just Source Recorder. For example (from what I have seen on YouTube): in the program you can actually create your own animations and lipsync mouth movements to audio as you watch what you recorded

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Megadave2003 - - 780 comments

So source film maker is basically gmod only easier to do all the stuff?

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aaron1 - - 12 comments


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