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First of all, thanks to everyone who complimented us on our gameplay videos, that's really inspiring. Also, one of the main points of criticism was that the gameplay isn't easily understood from those videos. "Colorful, catchy, but totally obscure" - point taken. So we added some explanation in short calls to action.

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We wrote down everything we know about game mechanics and broke it into 2-3 word pieces of advice, here they are:

An explanation of what's figthing what in this epic battle:

vs 2 SoupStuff

Then the basics:

  • spawn harvesters
  • get the resources
  • recall units to grow

Spawn harvesters Harvest resources

Recall units to grow

Then the "advanced" techniques :)

7 Warriors 8 Attack

9 Shield

We got some more unit types already, but they're waiting to be revealed.

And, finally the goal!

10 Dominate

We want to bake those into a promo video and, probably, use as help pages in the game itself.

  • Is this comprehensive enough?
  • I heard an opinion, that using text doesn't reach the goal, cause whoever watches a video, eventually get tired of reading and just stops. But surely, with phrases this short, that's not an issue, what do you think?

    Check out the latest v0.1.4 build, with an extra unit type and some bubbly juice added!
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