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Icon showcase, coding progress and more about our release date.

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The 22nd of November was a special day, because it marked exactly a full year since we released our old SoulSet demo and made our debut with the project on Steam Greenlight (coincidentally it also happens to be the day in which The Letter got funded on Kickstarter a year ago - kudos Yangyang Team! ^^) With the demo's development starting at the beginning of June 2015, we've been currently working on SoulSet for a whole year and a half.

Now, we bring some good news and bad news.

Starting off with the bad news (because there's less of those, thankfully), coding is taking longer than planned. I am currently in the middle of putting together the 6th character route (out of 7). So it's pretty close to completion, but it most likely will still take another week or two before I'm done with the game's complete build. So, sadly, we'll be forced to move our release date to the month of December, after all. Sorry for this, guys.

The good news is that:
- BGs and CGs are now 100% done, meaning that all of the game's art assets are 100% done!
- Marcianek was kind enough to draw more icons than I asked for, so yay for pretty things and a richer experience!


- MstMori started beta-testing our current build in the meantime, and Marcianek decided that she could still draw one more BG, since we have a bit of time to spare.
- We got a lot of paperwork done during this month and we're currently waiting on some last finalizations.

So, we're still working hard on making SoulSet the best game we can. Expect another update from me around the end of November. I'll be keeping you updated on SoulSet's development on a more regular basis from now on, considering a lot of things will be put into motion shortly.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you'll stick around!

- Nayru

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